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“Moving Forward” Cowgirl Retreat with
June Voldseth & Hertha Lund 

Hertha is a rare combination of both Strong – and – Sensitive – Competent – and – Vulnerable. If you have an opportunity to work with her
(online groups, in person retreats, etc.) don’t miss it.” Diane, Missoula, MT


June’s presence is truly powerful.  She is patient and intuitive and has a wonderful equine connection”  -~AA from Arizona

Do you feel like breaking loose from the things inside that are holding you back from achieving your reason for being?

Do you feel like you have a special purpose for your life, and you might not be on target to manifest your true potential?

Are you tired of waiting until tomorrow or next year to achieve your dreams?

If any of these questions pull on your heart strings, we have the retreat for you.

June Voldseth and Hertha Lund live on neighboring ranches in big sky Montana, a perfect setting for a healing Retreat. Both have lived the rugged toughness acquired from being raised on a ranch. Both are entrepreneurial, have a love of horses and healing people, and most importantly, both are trained Equine Gestalt Coaches.  There’s not a better place for you to rediscover your roots AND your dreams.

We provide the unique opportunity to relax into your true self, explore your inner terrain to find what might be holding you back, and experience coaching and empowerment with our amazing horses.

Each day, we will meet at the round corral with the horses for part of the day in a group circle, and then saddle up and explore the high mountain meadows basking in the strength of mother nature and soaking in your new knowledge. 

Besides all of that, we will pamper you with 3 wonderful meals a day, a cabin with a view, an opportunity to meet new friends, perhaps a massage, a nap, a hike, and time to enjoy the great outdoors.  A bit of heaven on earth.

If you are tired of being cooped up and want to break out of your cocoon into a new you in 2023, this is the retreat for you.



Sunday evening we’ll enjoy a delicious home cooked dinner and take time to get to know each other. The following days will include experiential learning with our horses on the ground and riding.  Other times, we will be off and riding this big beautiful country. You can enrich your experience with a relaxing massage (extra charge). 

DATES:  July 16 – 20, 2023

LENGTH OF STAY:  4 nights, 3 ½ days (Sunday late afternoon thru Thursday lunch)

LOCATION: Bonanza Creek Ranch, Martinsdale, MT

COST: $3000.  Includes lodging, meals, activities, horseback riding, coaching and new life skills.  A $60 Montana tax will be added.                     

CAPACITY:  Limited to 8 – 10 women 21 years and older – perfect for mothers and daughters, sisters, friends, or come on your own.

COACHING:  Group coaching involves everyone in a circle supporting and relating to each other in a safe place allowing the horse to do their work and heal us. 

Private coaching is a trusting relationship between the coach, you, and the horse in a one on one setting. 

HORSES: You will connect with horses on the ground at different levels and experience riding in beautiful Montana.  Come and meet the herd.

RIDING:  Part of the charm of Bonanza Creek is the rugged beautiful country we get to ride, and part of the letting go and healing is spending time on a horse and soaking in the strength of the mountains and the forests.  To best enjoy and have fun, everyone needs to have riding experience and be able to canter outside an arena. 

Bonanza Creek Guest Ranch is a family owned cattle ranch in the Castle Mountains of Montana where beautiful scenery, good honest horses, adventurous riding, western hospitality, and life empowerment await you.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  If cancellation must occur, 50% of the deposit will be refunded prior to April 1st if that time can be rebooked.  After April 1st, deposits are non-refundable.  We recommend trip insurance.


You can register by calling Bonanza Creek Ranch at (406) 572-3366 (winter and spring) or 406 572-3396 (summer and fall) or online at Retreat Reservations. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking.

Read more about Bonanza Creek’s Cowgirl Retreats.


Hertha Lund had a near death experience six years ago that caused her to question her approach to life. She had been a hard charging litigator and over worked herself to the extent of ignoring her inner direction and well-being. Since dying and coming back, Hertha has wholeheartedly pursued healing and wholeness. Even as a small child, she always loved horses and found solace and deeply connected to something greater when she was with horses. She was drawn to the Touched by A Horse program. “In this work, I strive to provide a safe space and deep support for my clients to find their courage to explore those places inside them that they have often avoided because it was too painful and scary to go there,” Hertha said. She founded Four Horses for Wholeness, which is based on each of us having four lower bodies that need to be in harmony to be whole. For more information go to




June Voldseth started Bonanza Creek Guest Ranch in 1993. It was a way for her to spend time with two of her passions, horses and people. But life stepped in with much more. Not only has the guest ranch been a fun adventure, but a learning, inspiring, empowering, life changing one.  At the perfect time, along came awareness of the Touched By A Horse life coaching program and the opportunity to truly make Bonanza Creek a place to learn to live your dreams by hosting Cowgirl Retreats for those wanting to change and heal. 

June has a love of people, horses, cattle, dogs, and the outdoors, especially the mountains of Montana. She is a working ranch wife, mother of 3, and “nana” to 8 grandkids. She is a graduate of Montana State University and a certified coach with the Touched By A Horse program.

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