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Bonanza Creek is part of a family operated cattle ranch in the Castle and Crazy Mountains of Montana.  The Voldseth family, which are the fourth and fifth generations living on this land still own and work the ranch and run 1500 head of cows on 25,000 acres.

For you, that means beautiful views from your cabin, peace and quiet, lots of places to ride, fishing, mountain trails to hike, and places to explore and hunt on the Lewis and Clark National Forest.

We started in 1994 as a guest ranch, a new business that was so different from cattle ranching.  But what an adventure it has been! We’ve had so much fun and met so many wonderful people.  Our lives have been enriched over and over again by the best guests and riders we could ever imagine from around the world.

In 2015, we started our Cowgirl Retreats, retreats for changing the lives of women using the equine gestalt method.  The healing that happened and the lives that changed was phenomenal. Each year, more and more Cowgirls came.

Covid happened, and we lost our overseas riders.  But we started cabin stays with horseback riding on the side.  Many people loved the simplicity and versatility of the cabin stays, and so did we.    They enjoyed the scenery and the peace and quiet at their leisure, and did a little fishing, hunting, hiking, exploring and guided horseback riding, as well as changing their lives with some equine coaching.

2023 will be the first year that we won’t host riding weeks.  We will be doing more Cowgirl Retreats and the rest of the time will be cabin stays.  For those of you who have loved the riding here, we will have the same good horses and the same beautiful places to ride.  We will offer breakfast and lunch as an option, but no dinner.

Changes are happening at Bonanza Creek, and we hope you will come and see for yourself.




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