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Is Equine Coaching for Me?

Are you searching for deeper meaning in your life?  Are you experiencing a significant life transition?  Searching for hope?  Or maybe in need of healing after a rough relationship or loss of a loved one?  Are you tired of the trauma, abuse or PTSD in your life?  Or simply wondering why you reacted differently than you wanted or expected to in some situations.  Maybe it is time to let go of some old trauma you didn’t know you carried and move on to a more peaceful life.

If you want change in your life, and you want to do it in a beautiful setting in the great outdoors with the love of a horse, it is for you.



What do the Horses Do?

They are active partners in coaching and healing.  Just with their presence, they give us strength to find what is deep inside of us and make us self-aware.  By reading our energy they give us feedback as we search our souls, and they give us love and healing when we most need it.

Horses have no expectations or prejudices, they love and accept us for who we are. They will often choose to stand by us in support, other times they will actively engage.  They are intuitive and authentic and help us find our true selves.  They help heal our pain and move forward.


What does a Session Look Like?

Equine gestalt coaching is not therapy, but rather a way to work through life’s challenges in a beautiful outdoor setting with a coach and a horse. It is experiential vs talk therapy and opens us up to see ourselves. The coaches are there to help us search, and the horse is there to help us find our answers and to heal.

These one on one sessions involve working with your coach and the horse in a round pen, with the horse being free to interact.  Each coaching session is as unique as each individual. They usually last around an hour with some being longer.  

It is a process of moving forward with new knowledge and choices, learning to respond, not react. You already know the answers to change your life in whichever way you choose, these sessions help you find those answers. 

Prior horse knowledge is not needed.

What Is Gestalt Therapy?

Gestaltists don’t label you, but encourage you to look at and understand yourself to become who you really are and regain a sense of peace. A gestalt therapist holds space for you to share your truth, without judgment, and accepts you right where you are in life.  They understand that painful memories or events will come to awareness when you are ready for healing.

Gestaltists believe in taking responsibility for change in your life and moving forward rather than placing blame and remaining stuck.

It’s a belief that openness doesn’t come from resisting our fears, but rather getting to know them well.


Does Equine Coaching Include Riding?

Riding is not a part of the one-on-one sessions. However, in the summer, it is available if you are at least an intermediate rider.  Spending time out riding is a great way to gain strength from the mountains and trees and enjoy the peace and quiet soaking in your new knowledge and self worth.

In July and August, we host Cowgirl Retreats where riding is included as well as cabins and meals and connection with a group.


How Can I Book a Session?

Call Bonanza Creek at 406 572-3366 (winter) or 406 572-3396 (summer) or email us at

If you are a cabin guest, let us know through that booking or check with June at the lodge for a time, but it is best to book ahead.

Sessions can be scheduled most anytime May through September.  However, they are weather related as our arena is covered but not enclosed, and Montana weather can be unpredictable as well as extremely cold and snowy.

Cost is $200 and includes a session with the horse and a follow up zoom session.  Be prepared for a life change, you are worth every penny.. 

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