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.Letting Go and Come Alive Cowgirl Retreats

There is no better place than the breathtaking mountains of Montana. You will be pampered with home cooked meals, massages, the fuzzy muzzle of a horse, and that much sought after peace and quiet.  You will gain strength and courage through the horses, your coaches, and riding in this beautiful, empowering country.  This is an opportunity to learn what in your life no longer serves you and nourish what does.  Grit and grace go hand in hand in transforming your dreams.

June and Linda have created an experience where you will learn to connect, grow, and let go in the presence of a horse. Horses are beautiful listeners and teachers. They bring into our awareness what we already know, without judgment or prejudice.

Our Cowgirl Retreats are for anyone interested in change and healing.  Are you searching for deeper meaning in your life?   Are you experiencing a significant life transition?  Searching for hope?  Or maybe in need of healing after a rough relationship or loss of a loved one?  Are you tired of the trauma or PTSD in your life?  Or simply ready to let go and live a more fulfilled life?

We believe you have within YOU everything you have been seeking.  We are here to help you find it.

The LETTING GO Retreat is for Cowgirls who are seriously ready to let it go. You know you want change in your life, you are tired of the trauma that you have carried for too long.  This retreat is truly life changing.  Some of your time will be spent learning new life skills, mornings will be group equine gestalt sessions, and part of each day you will be out riding this beautiful country, you get to enjoy the ride while nature helps you heal.  It is 4 days, Sunday afternoon through Thursday lunch, an investment in yourself.

The COME ALIVE Retreat is for Cowgirls who want to learn about yourself, what makes you tick, what makes you react instead of respond, what is stopping you from becoming who you want to be.  There will be lots of riding, but also time to learn how to COME ALIVE and to truly become you – what brings you joy and happiness. Limited private sessions will be available at an extra cost for those who wish to do deeper work.   It is 3 days, Saturday afternoon through Tuesday lunch, a time to come alive again.

Both retreats are coached by June Voldseth of Bonanza Creek Ranch and Linda Bruce of Soulful Prairies.  They are both equine gestalt coaches and lifelong horsewomen and have been coaching partners for 10 Cowgirl Retreats.

“Linda is a beautiful coach. She is attentive and stays present moment to moment. Linda communicates a safety and also an ability to stay with her client in the midst of uncertainty, helping to bring understanding and awareness.” ~ Mary – Summit, WI


“June’s presence is truly powerful.  She is patient and intuitive and has a wonderful equine connection”  -~AA from AZ Arizona





DATES:  Letting Go Cowgirl Retreat – July 28 – August 1 

              Come Alive Cowgirl Retreat – August 3 – 6

LOCATION: Bonanza Creek Ranch, Martinsdale, MT

COST: Letting Go is $3000.  Includes lodging, meals, activities, horseback riding, coaching, new life skills and massages (extra cost).  Plus a $60 Montana tax.   

          Come Alive is $2600.  Includes lodging, meals, activities, horseback riding, new life skills, coaching & massages (extra cost).  Plus a $52 Montana tax 

CAPACITY:  Limited to 8 – 10 women 21 years and older – perfect for mothers and daughters, sisters, friends, or come on your own.

COACHING: Group coaching in the Letting Go Retreat involves everyone in a circle supporting and relating to each other in a safe place allowing the horse to do their work and heal us.  Private coaching at the Come Alive Retreat is a trusting relationship between the coach, you, and the horse in a one on one setting. 

HORSESYou will connect with horses on the ground at different levels and experience riding in beautiful Montana.  Come and meet the herd. 

RIDING:  Part of the charm of Bonanza Creek is the rugged beautiful country we get to ride, and part of the learning and healing comes from spending time on a horse and soaking in the strength of the mountains and the forests.  To best enjoy and have fun, everyone needs to have riding experience and be able to canter outside an arena.  

CANCELLATION POLICY:  If cancellation must occur, 50% of the deposit will be refunded prior to April 1st if that time can be rebooked.  After April 1st, deposits are non-refundable.  We recommend trip insurance.

Bonanza Creek Guest Ranch is a family owned cattle ranch in the Castle Mountains of Montana where beautiful scenery, good honest horses, adventurous riding, western hospitality, and life empowerment await you.


You can register by calling Bonanza Creek Ranch at (406) 572-3366 (winter and spring) or 406 572-3396 (summer and fall) or online at Retreat Reservations. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking.
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Linda Bruce strongly values the seeking of truth and answers to create a full life for oneself. This never-ending process has brought her to a place of combining her social work, counseling, Equine Gestalt Coaching, life and horse experience together. Her passion is bringing humans and horses together to create an environment of discovery while finding the healing powers that exist within each of us. Linda owns and runs Soulful Prairies, located an hour north of Chicago. For more information go to



June Voldseth started Bonanza Creek Guest Ranchin 1993. It was a way for her to spend time with two of her passions, horses and people. But life stepped in with much more. Not only has the guest ranch been a fun adventure, but a learning, inspiring, empowering, life changing one.  At the perfect time, along came awareness of the Touched By A Horse life coaching program and the opportunity to truly make Bonanza Creek a place to learn to live your dreams.

June has a love of people, horses, cattle, dogs, and the outdoors, especially the mountains of Montana. She is a working ranch wife, mother of 3, and “nana” to 8 grandkids. She is a graduate of Montana State University a certified coach with the Touched By A Horse program and is presently enrolled in the graduate course.  

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